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Junuary 16th, 2006

A promotion of Boyan Papazov’s new book “Frenzy” (Bias) is scheduled for January 16, 2006 at “Bulgarska armia” theatre company.

Thebook includes three dramas. Reviewers consider these plays as the most challenging texts to be written for stage in Bulgaria in recent years.

Charming my Fleas won the Union of the Actors Annual (2001) ICARUS Award for best play. The same year
Charming my fleas was selected and performed at the Bonn Biennale “New Plays from Europe”, Germany, June 2002.

Demon Sale received the prestigious Drama award (2005) of the A'Askeer Foundation. Frenzy (2005) is the last play of Boyan Papazov and one of his best.
The radio version of the National Radio was nominated for PRIX EUROPA, Berlin, Germany, February 2004;

“Frenzy”(Bias) is Boyan Papazov’s last play.


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